2024 PA Original Music Contest


Enter to Win a full video production of your original song for FREE.

Grubsrof Production a subsidiary of Forsburg Industries, Inc. holds an annual contest to find the best original song by a band or solo artist located in Pennsylvania ONLY. It’s our way to give back to the hard-working and talented musical acts that need exposure. All styles of music are welcomed to enter. The contest winner will have their song videoed, edited and provided to them in standard YouTube format at no charge. The video will be based on a one-production day ONLY by Grubsrof Productions.  For further details about the terms and conditions of the 2024 Music Contest Rules (See Section A:)

(NOTE: All submission MUST follow the rules set forth exactly as specified or the entry will be disqualified and removed from consideration.)


Submissions will close on May 30th, 2024.



 • Bands or Solo Artist MUST be located and based in Pennsylvania ONLY.

 • Music MUST be an original composition written by Artist or band.

 • The song MUST be copyrighted. (See Section B:)

 • Each artist or band should ONLY submit ONE song per entry, so make it your best one.

 • The ONLY file format accepted is MP3.

 • The music MUST be of studio quality. No Live Performances are permitted.

 • The winner agrees to post the finished video on all mediums (Website, Facebook, etc.) within 15-days of receiving.

 • Submissions must be accompanied with the following.

NOTE: Please restrict the submission information to what is requested. We don’t need the history of the band or anything about the song. We will ask for these details from the winner of the contest.

Contact Person Name

Band Name (Unless an individual act)

Song Title
List all band members and their instrument played
Lead Vocalist name

Mailing Address

Contact email

Phone number

Copyright # or pending number #

Send your submission with the required information to forsburg@reagan.com

Please add "2024 Music Contest" in the email subject area.



Any and all requests made by the contest winner that is outside of Grubsrof Productions standards services in the making of their video will be solely at the expense of the Artist, Individual, Band or Management. These include but not limited to the following: All additional materials, makeup, props, actors, rentals, FX, pyro, travel, gas, hotel, food, instruments, and permits. Ask GP or Fii for clarity if your not sure.

No fire arms, or illegal substances will be allowed on or near the production set or used in the creation of this video. Grubsrof productions and Forsburg Industries, Inc. will not be held liable for any accidents or damages to people, places or things during the filming.


GP & Fii reserves the right to cancel or withdraw from the agreement with the contest winner at any point and the artist, individual, band or management agree to not hold GP and or Fii liable for any expenses accrued. GP & Fii reserves the right to reschedule the production due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to inclement weather, scheduling conflicts, equipment problems or illness.


Grubsrof Productions or Forsburg Industries, Inc. will have no claim or control over any music submitted or the music in the final video.


The contest submissions will end May 30th, 2024. Any submission after that date will be rejected without notice. The filming date will be determined at a time that best suits the schedule of the contest winner and Grubsrof Productions, but will not exceed beyond September 30th 2024 After that date the winner will forfeit and no production will be provided.


GP & Fii holds the copyright to the video but gives permission to the contest winner to use and distribute and post the video for their promotional purposes.
This permission can be revoked at any time.


Section B:
Due to liability and legal processes all material submitted must be copyrighted through the US Copyright Office. This protects the artist work and GP & Fii from unforeseen legal issues that could could arise down the road if an individual or company disputes artists claim that the song submitted is legally their original material and was used without permission. If you haven’t copyrighted your song as of yet than you can do so through this site.



You may submit your song once you’ve completed the copyright process and are given a copyright pending number.

The band, artist, individual or management agrees to all above these conditions set forth when submitting their material entered in the contest.

Bottomline for the copyright is it only cost $45 per submission, so don't be an idiot and protect yourself. If for some reason your not willing to copyright your material than please don't waste everyones time by submitting a song to the contest.